pos费率网 一机一户 线上刷卡意思是什么呢英文,解锁刷卡固定商户不变的新方式



Now, let me explain what online card swiping is all about. It’s a revolutionary way to make card payments without relying on physical POS machines. With online card swiping, you can shop online and make payments using your mobile phone, turning it into a POS machine. It’s simple, convenient, and most importantly, it allows you to avoid the one-device-one-merchant restriction.


You see, the one-device-one-merchant rule means that every time you swipe your card with a physical POS machine, it will always show the same fixed merchant ID. It doesn’t matter how many times you swipe, you’ll get the exact same merchant name. But with online card swiping, you can bypass this limitation.


Using a dedicated online card swiping app, you can make payments online and enjoy multiple merchant IDs. That means you can shop at different stores, make purchases from various merchants, and diversify your payment experience. No longer will you be stuck with the same old merchant ID!

But the benefits of online card swiping don’t stop there. Not only can you avoid the one-device-one-merchant restriction, but you’ll also enjoy instant clearing, a low fee rate of 0.60% (just 60 yuan per 10,000), no deposit requirements, and no additional data fees. It’s a win-win situation!

So, if you’re tired of the limitations of physical POS machines and want to unlock a new way to swipe cards with different merchant IDs every time, add me on WeChat at 3069255. Let’s discuss online card swiping and I’ll share with you the tools and tips I’ve gathered from hundreds of satisfied customers.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to enhance your card payment experience. Join me on WeChat, and let’s get started with online card swiping today!


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